Low-Income Terror @ MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel, Germany

The Arabic Home: MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG), Universität Kassel, Germany!

The German government and University of Kassel were both advised not to invite students whose races, cultures, etc. are unacceptable to the Arab Turk Donors to Germany’s education system. Arabs and Germans attack Muslim women who are not Arabized. The rest of the women there are all sold out to the Arabic pimp mentality, either in black polythene bags or full hooker style.

Universität Kassel, Germany, is further advised to clearly write on its application forms: ‘Are you among the poorest people of the world ready to do just about anything to get ahead in life?’

This way they would only attract least-income pillocks like themselves. The rest would only complain to the whole world, as Germans and Arabs watch with their blank doltish expressions.

Rape-attempter Prof. Rolf-Dieter Postlep is teaching that the poor must go to war against the rich. It’s called Arabic terrorism nowadays, it used to be referred to as Russian communism in another era. But naturally, the poor fishes of University of Kassel terrorize people who do not belong to their Taliban class. These imbelices cannot even speak a single language to be part of an educational program. Babylon the Slut? That’s Arabic German for dummies.

Babylon is in the Arab world, yet the Arabs brainwash everybody to believe that America is the bad guy. Germany’s very quiet, pussy, and Donor-fed fat. Both Arabs and Germans claim that they aren’t terrorists themselves, but others are sold into slavery to the bad guys. Truth is that both Arabs and Germans terrorize the world. No wonder foreign students have repeatedly stated that they feel terrorized at University of Kassel. Even if Arabs and Germans don’t show you a gun or gas chamber, they tend to terrorize you. It’s written all over their faces, and it is revealed through their low IQ slow speech: They are terrorists.

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Turkey's Taliban @ International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD), University of Kassel

You know that Switzerland allows all corrupt people of the world to hold their bank accounts — no question asked.

Switzerland is also where International Labour Organisation (ILO) is based. Have you ever heard America’s name in connection with the ILO? Of course not. Because America fights the Taliban, unlike the Germans who finance them.

You know the Taliban are the poorest people of the world saying ‘Give us all you’ve got or else….’

At the University of Kassel, rape-attempter Prof. Rolf-Dieter Postlep teaches that that’s ok, and this is how poor people should behave. He leads the most uncultured group of students that you would only find in a terror training camp run by Al-Qaeda. And when they behave in all sorts of uncivilized ways, he says this is how poor people ought to behave. ‘Give them all you’ve got or else…’

ILO has something to do with Rolf-Dieter Postlep’s labor programs. These programs are inspired by ILO, in fact — that Freemason organization, teaching terrorism to the third-class. Here’s where Arab Turk terrorists with middle partings starting from their heads, all the way down, mix with the servant class from around the world. And, they’re taught to act as unruly as possible. If you’ve read media reports on rape attempts cases at University of Kassel elsewhere, you’ve noticed how often the word ‘terrorism’ is used in connection with these labor class duds.

Another question is, How come Germany’s economy is doing so well when nobody really buys anything from them? Answer: They are thieves.

Another fact seems to be that they are the ones that have helped Arabs achieve the freedom to terrorize the world. Have you ever heard Germany’s name in connection with anything good? Somebody should count the word ‘Donor’ or ‘Doner’ (that is, Donor near) on Germany’s walls. It’s an intimate give-and-take relationship — between the Germans and Arabs. And, how many of us would not freely associate the word ‘terrorism’ with the Germans, just as we do with Arabs?

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Nazi Prof. Rolf-Dieter Postlep Attempts to Rape Jew & Muslim Students @ Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, Universität Kassel